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We make learning to partner dance easy & fun as well as providing you with awesome social events & gatherings so you can strut your new moves...


Dance Synergy...

Dance Synergy is an enjoyable and effortless style of Modern Jive style social partner dancing. We deliver a range of Modern Jive dance classes, private lessons and bespoke workshops for Beginners through to Advanced level. So, no matter what level of Modern Jive or social dancing experience you have, we've got a class, workshop or social event to suit you.

We host friendly and welcoming social dance events that give you chance to practice Modern Jive whilst meeting new people, getting fit and having fun. So, whether you are coming along with your existing dance partner or on your own you'll never be short of someone to dance with.


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Learn to Modern Jive...

Dance Synergy makes the challenge of learning to dance easy and fun. Our Beginner classes teach all the necessary dance elements in simple to learn steps. Your transportation from Beginner to Intermediate can take as little as 8 weeks.

Dance Synergy’s range of classes, workshops and private lessons not only make learning to dance fun, they are an exciting way to keep fit and make new friends.

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Social events...

Our weekly social dance events are a fantastic way to practice what you have learnt whilst meeting other dancers and making new friends. Practice makes perfect after all!

We also host monthly dance parties and quarterly ‘BIG1’ events, which are super-sized dance parties attracting 500 plus dancers from all over the country.

Our venue creates the perfect social dancing atmosphere providing exceptional quality sprung dance floors, nightclub superior quality sound and stunning visual light displays.

Dancing is thirsty work so we now have a fully licensed bar!
Please not our new venue prohibits bringing in your own drinks but their prices are very reasonable.

A little bit about us...
















In 2009, we conducted research that found people were bored of slogging away in a gym for little results and that diet plans were restrictive socially. Nor did they want to only meet people after one too many sherbets down the local pub or nightclub. So, we created Dance Synergy to give people an exciting and fun way of getting and staying fit whilst meeting new people and making great friends along the way.

Where we dance:
The Obelisk Centre
400 Obelisk Rise
This venue has been recently refurbished and boasts:
2 licensed bars (open until midnight)
Massive amounts of parking right next to venue
Fitted ceiling cooling fans and a warm and friendly management team.

The Portfolio Innovation Centre
The University of Northampton
Avenue Campus
St Georges Avenue

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